Initial Consultation & Diagnosis

An initial hair treatment consultation is likely to last one and one half hours. During this time the Consultant Trichologist will ask questions about your health, family history, lifestyle and diet. It is useful to take with you to this first consultation details of any medications that you are taking and results of any recent blood tests that you may have had.

It is only after this detailed questioning and a close examination of your scalp and hair that your Consultant Trichologist will be able to make a diagnosis. However, it is not always possible to make an immediate diagnosis.

It is common for scalp disorders to be diagnosed at the time of consultation, but hair loss problems may require referral to your family doctor. Once diagnosis has been confirmed, advice will be given along with a prescribed treatment programme. During the treatment programme, decisions may also be made as to whether or not you should seek additional medical advice should more serious problem be identified.

The causes of hair problems usually lay at the root of the hair in and around the bulb, where the root grows and reproduces.  Our analysis performs a microscopic investigation of top potential or current problems with your hair’s health.  Our Microscopic Analysis combined with halogen-magenta lighting allows us to see the reproducing matrix of hair cells.

A close analysis allows us to identify common root problems, such as dirt and styling product build-up, bacteria and fungus, DHT enzyme symptoms, sebum build-up, and lack of hair nutrition.  Our analysis works for men and women.  We use this analysis to:

  •  Determine whether your rate of hair fall is excessive
  • Establish whether the growing hair bulbs are normal
  • Confirm the presence of certain inherited hair problems
  • Assess the structural damage to the hair
  • Check for fungus or lice

Shedding hair is usually caused by improper circulation of the blood. Scalp problems are due to improper nourishment of the scalp cells. Ultraviolet rays restores the scalp to normality, stimulating the circulation of the blood, so that they again produce hair. At the same time, the treatment destroys the bacterial and parasitic germs that cause scaly disorders.

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