Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair and scalp disorders.  Founded in London in 1902, clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp. The word “Trichology” originates from the ancient Greek word “Trikos” meaning hair.


A qualified trichologist is someone who has successfully completed a Trichology education and is knowledgeable, highly trained and skilled at treating hair loss and scalp problems.  Trichology is the holistic approach to health and healthy hair, not just the treatment of the hair and scalp. Trichologists place emphasis on the patient's diet, exercise, and other elements of his or her lifestyle. 

Is there a difference between a dermatologist and a trichologist? Yes, many dermatologists treat only the symptoms of hair loss and scaling, while placing brief emphasis on the causes.  These causes are many times produced by an extremely stressful and unhealthy lifestyle.  A person must consider all possible causes, and address them in order to get to the root of the true problem.



There are certain types of hair loss problems that a trichologist can better treat than even a dermatologist from chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other medical conditions, anaemia, autoimmune deficiency, thyroid deficiency, most types of alopecia are examples. 

Hair loss can cause great distress, and there are often misunderstandings about its causes and treatment.  Probably the most common type of hair loss is the so-called ‘male pattern baldness’, which, despite its name, can affect women as well as men.  In men, there often appears to be no specific, readily-available treatment.  However, this is a problem that requires sympathetic handling, and a qualified trichologist has the experience to understand the patient’s anxiety and help him or her come to terms with the loss of hair and develop and implement an effective strategy to address the problems. 

Women suffering from this problem can greatly benefit from the care of a Trichologist, for example, the condition can be helped with medical assistance and the use of hormonal treatment as well as other cosmetic support for a healthy appearance during and after the treatment period.

There are many other types of hair loss which can and do respond to treatment without medical assistance. There are also some types of hair loss which can have a natural or spontaneous recovery. Excessive hair loss can often be a symptom of some other problem or variation in the metabolism of the body, and for this reason, co-operation between the patient’s doctor and the trichologist is essential.

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