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Everyone knows that our bodies need good nutrition to survive and thrive. Up until recently that meant feeding our cells with enough of the known essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Recent scientific discoveries have revealed a new class of nutrients necessary for life: Glyconutrients
Glyconutrients are specific sugars found in nature that serve vital functional and structural roles in the human body. The more science learns about these sugars, the more we understand just how important they are to our health.

Alphabetic Code

We don't normally think of our ABCs as a part of a "code", but that is precisely what they are— a system of individual letters, used in an infinite number of combinations, creating a language that makes every written and spoken communication possible. And every letter plays a vital role. For example, try telling someone what you ate for breakfast this morning without using the letters A or E. Losing only two letters out of 26 makes effective communication impossible!

Sugar Code

Science has revealed in the last 10 years that eight specific carbohydrate molecules called monosaccharides (single-cell sugars) make up what could be called the "alphabetic code" that our cells use to communicate with each other. This discovery is revolutionizing the science world and its understanding of how the body heals. However, just like our written alphabet, this cellular alphabet needs all of its "letters" to get its message across.

The Missing Links

Like other essential nutrients, we are meant to get all the glyconutrients we need from our diets, specifically vine-ripened fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, due to current farming and food preparation practices, at least six out of the eight necessary glyconutrients are not available in our diets today!
Spelling Out Better Health It's hard to ignore that we are faced with many modern-day epidemics that our current health care system is not successfully addressing. The rates of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and auto-immune disorders are continuing to climb, even as more and more drugs come on the market and get pulled from the market for being ineffective or even worse, dangerous. The new science of Glyconutrients, and the supplements made possible by these discoveries, give us hope for a "Language of Life" that can spell out healing at the most basic unit of our body, the cell. As the illustration to the right shows, "turning around" health may mean looking at what works to build health from a totally different perspective.


Eight Necessary Sugars - What Research Shows & Science Knows

Monosaccharides at work regulating, defending, protecting, repairing

In addition to improving cell to cell communication, research shows that these sugars work in the body in the following ways:


  • Prevents bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections "Eases inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lupus patients are deficient in this saccharide
  • Lowers blood sugar and triglyceride levels in diabetic patients


  • Influences brain development 'Improves brain's ability to create long-term memories 'Inhibits tumor growth
  • Metabolism of this saccharide is abnormal in cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and cancer and during episodes of shingles, which is caused by the herpes virus *Active against other herpes viruses, including herpes I and cytomegalovirus
    Guards against respiratory infections
  • Inhibits allergic reactions


  • Enhances wound healing
  • Increases calcium absorption
  • Triggers long-term memory formation


  • Potent fast-energy source
  • Enhances memory
  • Stimulates calcium absorption
  • Too much or too little can be problematic
  • Elderly Alzheimer's patients register much lower levels of this saccharide than those with organic brain disease from stroke or other vascular diseases
  • Glucose metabolism disturbed in depression, manic-depression, anorexia and bulimia


  • Heart disease patients have lower-than-normal levels of this saccharide
  • Inhibits spread of tumors


  • Immune modulator with antitumor properties and activity against HIV
  • Vital to learning
  • Glucosamine, a metabolic product of this saccharide Helps repair cartilage
  • Decreases pain and inflammation
  • Increases range of motion
  • May also help repair mucosal-lining defensive bather implicated in Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and interstitial cystitis


  • Important for brain development and learning
  • Abundant in breast milk
  • Repels bacteria, virus and other pathogens


  • Antibacterial and antifungal
  • May help prevent cancer of the digestive tract


Nurturing and Growing you from the start

Did you know that five, of the eight necessary sugars are present in human breast milk? The sugars' immune building and modulating properties are part of the reason why studies show that babies that are breastfed have substantially reduced risk of digestive problems, respiratory, ear or other infections. They have less allergies, eczema and asthma and are healthier in long-term studies than those who are not. From our first moments, these sugars form the basis of our health and our body's ability to heal.


The Most Important Nutrient Is The One That's Missing!

BacteriaDuring the course of history, men, women and children suffered and died because they lacked one important essential nutrient or another. What nutrients could change your health, or save a life?

Scurvy is an ancient disease; its principal cause is now known to be an ascorbic acid (vitamin C) deficiency, but when scurvy devastated civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome, no one suspected that the deadly "plague" was
caused by a diet of inadequate nutrients. Between 1556 and 1857, for example, more than 100 scurvy epidemics spread through Europe.

Although numerous early indications began to appear that linked scurvy with diet, this knowledge had to be rediscovered many times until the it was widely accepted. In 1742, the British naval commander James Lind begged the British Navy to institute a program for making citrus foods available on all voyages. In a book he wrote after an especially long journey with many fatalities, he described "miracle cures" encountered with the use of lemon juice. Lind was practically ignored for his advice. But 62 years later, the British Navy did adopt the procedure when Captain Cook succeeded in avoiding scurvy altogether by giving his sailors lime juice on three successive voyages (between 1768 and 1779).

Just think about it: even with proof that a simple remedy like fruit juice could save thousands of lives, "conventional wisdom" said it couldn't be true ...and it took over 62 years for this "new", simple solution to be instituted! Some other diseases based on nutrient deficiency that have been basically eliminated in the modern world are rickets (vitamin D), pellagra (riboflavin, B6), anemia (iron), ben-ben i (thiamine, B1). Likewise, we accept today, because of the information available to us from research and experience, that we need calcium for strong bones, and amino acids or proteins for healthy muscle development. The next frontier in "new" and "simple" solutions for health is  Glyconutrients, the sugars present in nature that we are meant to be getting in our diets, but aren't anymore. Science is proving that these sugars are necessary for all cellular and immune system function. Today's epidemics, including cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, HIV, Hep C, and drug-resistant bacteria may have a more simple solution than "conventional wisdom" is willing to admit: a lack of a new breed of necessary nutrient, Glyconutrients.


The Immune System: Your Body's Helping Hand

Inside our body there is an amazing protection mechanism called the Immune System. It is designed to defend you against millions of harmful bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites that would love to take over your body. It's part of our powerful life force, the mysterious intelligence we were given to maintain a healthy balance. We don't notice it working, but we do notice when it fails to work! When the immune system is weakened by stress, toxicity, nutrient deficiency, overuse of antibiotics or aging, our bodies become vulnerable to invading microbes or mutant cells such as cancer that can grow and rapidly multiply unchecked.

The major components of the immune system are the thymus gland, which produces "T-cells", part of what makes up white blood cells; the spleen which filters blood looking for foreign cells; the lymph system, a complex system that helps bathe blood plasma with nutrients and filter out bacteria; bone marrow, which produces red and white blood cells, white blood cells, which work independently to destroy bacteria and viruses; antibodies, cells that bind to toxins to stop their movement through the body; and hormones, which can encourage white blood cell production among other functions.

Each of these systems or cell groups must remain strong and ready to lend the "helping hand" needed to kill enemy or mutant cells, stop infection and heal wounds. However, this helpful hand is only as good as the communication system that calls it into action! Without proper cellular communication, immune system cells may not know about a virus invading the lungs or liver, a cluster of cancer cells rapidly reproducing in a breast, a fungus taking over the digestive tract, or that healthy muscle tissue shouldn't be attacked.


Is Glyconutrient Supplementation Backed By Science?

Glyconutrient ScientistThe study of sugars and how they work in the body, known as "glycobiology", "glycomics" or "glyconutrition", is considered the cutting-edge of science. The race to unlock the "sugar code" of life and healing has become a top priority for major research universities and pharmaceuti-cal companies. There are over 20,000 studies conducted each year on glycoforms alone, the sugar-protein structures that line each and every cell of the body. Four out of the last eight No-bel Prizes in Physiology have been awarded for research in the area of cellular communication and how these sugars work in the body.

  • Activate immune T-cell activity only when invaders or antigens are present.
  • Decrease cell death in those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Dramatically elevate disease resistance in weakened individuals.
  • Act as antioxidant compounds which boosts the collection of dangerous free radicals.
  • Protect the body against toxin and pollutant exposure.
  • Slow premature aging.
  • Decrease inflammation in diseases like rheu-matoid arthritis.
  • Help immune cells recognize invaders due to a mutual "sugar exchange" of information.
  • Enable cellular components to stick to each other initiating the right reactions.


 Why You Should Consider Glyconutrient Supplementation

You now know about the importance of cell-to-cell communication, how your immune system works and the research that shows how the eight necessary sugars, or glyconutrients work in the body. That's all great, but the bottom line question you must be thinking is "what does all of this mean for me and my family?" Answer the following questions to decide for yourself if glyconutrients are what you and your family may be missing.

  • Do you get colds or sore throats easily and often? Do they seems to linger longer than you'd like?
  • Do you/your family members fight chronic infections (ear, lungs, sinus, yeast)?
  • Is there cancer in your family history or is cancer happening currently?
  • Are you/your family members struggling with any chronic health challenge that is not resolving through any other means. This includes auto-immune disorders, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, etc.
  • With all the "super-bugs" and killer flus you hear about in the news, are you concerned about making your family more disease-resistant?
  • Are you just not feeling healthy, or at your best? Do you wish you had more energy? Do you feel like you are too young to be feeling so bad?
  • Do you/your family members have "learning" or "attention" issues and you are looking for a natural solution to improve in this area?
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